Booking/Press/Licensing Contact:

Visit the website of Nicky and Max’s 60’s/80’s influenced indie pop band, Little Person, at

Take a listen to their friends, Foxtails Brigade, as well at

THE NEW YORK TIMES mention for Vintage Basement (bottom of linked page)

THE DAILY CALIFORNIAN – “[A] passionate, charming, and authentic evening…Twins Max and Nicky were born for this.”

TIME OUT NY Best Comedy Shows – “…Max and Nicky Weinbach bring class back to the comedy scene…”

THE INTERROBANG Best Comedy Night in New York City – “VINTAGE BASEMENT WITH MAX AND NICKY is a perfect comedy night out.”

Photo by Yoko Haraoka

Vintage Basement – 01/15/2018 – Photos by Hunter Peress

Vintage Basement – 02/12/2018 – Photos by Hunter Peress

Vintage Basement – 03/19/2018 – Photos by Andrés Pérez

Vintage Basement – 04/16/2018 – Photos by Yoko Haraoka

Vintage Basement – 05/21/2018 – Photos by Yoko Haraoka

Vintage Basement – 06/18/2018 – Photos by Cameron Roby-Mais

Vintage Basement – 07/16/2018 – Photos by Yoko Haraoka

Vintage Basement: LA Edition – 08/09/2018 – Photos by Thomas R. Wood

Vintage Basement – 08/20/2018 – Photos by Arin Sang-urai

Vintage Basement – 09/17/2018 – Photos by Yoko Haraoka

3 thoughts on “Press/Contact”

  1. Saw you guys at the producers club
    Your show was great
    I was the guy who helped you with your gear before the show
    Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your show


    1. Hey, thanks Gerard! Really appreciate your help before the show, and thanks for coming to the show. Glad you enjoyed it! Hope to see you at the next one!

  2. Hi Max and Nicky,

    Heard you playing at the Campbell’s Farmer’s Market a few weekends ago and really enjoyed your music.

    I’m having a big birthday party coming up on October 9 at a restaurant in Mt. View and thought it would be nice if we could hire you for our entertainment.

    The party is 6-10pm on Friday, October 9. I’m thinking something like 7:30 to 9pm
    Do you perform at private parties and what do you charge?

    Thank you for any info. Amy

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