Think big. Real big. We’re talking big to the Max…and Nicky! Max & Nicky are two big boys making their way in the big city. The twins have got a big show in store with big twin laughs, big twin songs, and big twin bodies, all taking place in the Big Twin Apple, New York City. But, who knows what the future holds for them? They could very well be performing, soon enough, in their dream metropolitan area of big Minneapolis-Saint Paul. And most importantly, they’re boys. But not just any boys; they’re two big boys. They’re Max & Nicky!

Max & Nicky  are Max and Nicky Weinbach from Los Angeles, CA. After staging two very triumphant original musicals in 2013 (Nicky’s Made in China and Max’s A Match Made in Hell) and many awesome 60s-style variety shows in San Francisco, the twins are still going strong with more neo-vintage variety fun, this time in New York City. With an absurd and quirky sense of humor, original songs and heartfelt covers, and some extraordinary whistling, Max & Nicky  promise to deliver an intriguing and captivating night of entertainment.

Photo by Brady Boyle
Photo by Yoko Haraoka
Photo by Arin Sang-urai
Photo by Mike Bryk
Photo by Jody Christopherson
Photo by Hunter Peress
Photo by Arin Sang-urai