EPISODE XXXVIII: Diarrhea vs. Constipation

This episode is not for the faint of heart…Max and Nicky are joined by their sister, Laura Weinbach to discuss their opinions on the worse of two evils: diarrhea or constipation? Plus, more Curb Your Enthusiasm talk!

PS Max isn’t necessarily in complete agreement with all that was said in reference to Curb Your Enthusiasm as he feels one of the big humorous conceits of the show is the characters’ utter selfishness. They say and do things that are reprehensible that wouldn’t be tolerated in reality (i.e. Leon Black is a character and a caricature who says things that J.B. Smoove wouldn’t normally say in real life).

Intro and Outro Music
Written, mixed, and produced by Nicky Weinbach

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